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About the Rollo Tapestry


To commemorate the eleventh centenary of the event, and to tell the remarkable life story of that viking chief, Hrólfr – known as Rollo – an interdisciplinary team has united its talents to produce a “tapestry” in the style of the famous Bayeux Tapestry.

The novelist Pierre Efratas has drafted the texts of its 30 scenes. Professor Jean Renaud, the author of many books on the Vikings, endorsed its historical relevancy and drafted comments on each scene. The graphic designer Gilles Pivard drew the “tapestry”, on which the texts were translated into medieval Latin by the Latinist and medievalist Pierre Bouet. And twenty-two embroiderers performed the needlework.



The “Rollo Tapestry” is a 22 metre long and 60 centimetre high linen canvas, entirely hand-embroidered on the base of Oriental stitches. It relates Rollo’s viking raids, his agreement with the Frankish king, his baptism and his efforts to take best possible care of the conceded territory.